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Unlock Your Full Potential with Trimetrics Clinical Pilates

We have over 100 years of clinical experience within our walls. 

Our team treatment combines clinical pilates with physio to serve patients both in rehabilitation and also for longer-term health and fitness goals.

At Trimetrics we are experts in clinical Pilates. We believe in getting you to your full potential as quickly as possible. 

Whether you want to be strong, confident and capable, manage chronic pain or recover from injury, improve your mood and energy, or improve flexibility and balance - Clinical Pilates Can Help!

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Same Day Appointments Often Available

Personalized Therapy

One size doesn't fit all, especially in physiotherapy. Strive Physiotherapy uses a clinically proven approach to physiotherapy that starts with a in-depth assessment, matching you to just the right treatment.

Get back to living (and playing), pain free, in the shortest time possible.

Cutting-Edge Therapy

We are always adding cutting-edge treatment methods to ensure you get optimal care, and pain relief that lasts! 

Our methods along with the use of industry leading equipment have proven to ease pain, accelerate recovery, improve mobility and overall health. 

Patient Self-Help.

Although we put you on the fastest path possible to recovery, we also strive to help you keep - YOU - healthy. 

At Trimetrics Physiotherapy you receive the right treatment for your condition, AND the tools needed to avoid future pain re-occurrences on your own.

Transform your body at Trimetrics

Trimetrics prides itself as having been the first clinic in the Lower Mainland and Canada to introduce the concept of combining Physiotherapy and Pilates as an evidence based, effective rehabilitation tool. Due to its success in returning many patients to their previous level of health and fitness or beyond, Trimetrics has been an industry leader in supporting many other clinics province-wide in developing this powerful work.

Convenient Therapy Sessions. 

The length of therapy sessions vary on the type of condition.
 Typically, it only takes 30 minutes to apply the right treatment techniques that effectively targets your pain. 

Book online in less than a minute, or give us a call. Set an appointment at the time of your convenience. 

Need to change your appointment time? No problem! Changing your schedule is also a phone call away. 

Easy Booking, Flexible Scheduling

New to our studio, but have experience with Pilates and Pilates equipment? 

Before placing you into one of our groups, we kindly request you book one private Pilates session to enable us to place you into the most appropriate class and ensure you and your classmates have the best possible experience. 


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Our Fees

Initial Assessment



Thorough Assessment

Detailed Treatment Plan 

First Pain Relief Treatment 

60 Minutes Approximately 

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Per Follow Up Session



One to One Treatment 

Education and Guidance 

Home Care Instructions 

30 Minutes Approximately

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we provide only the therapy you need, and we empower you to supplement your in-clinic care with a self-managed home care program. Together we establish a treatment plan that fits your coverage and budget.

Not sure if you’re covered? Give us a call and we will direct you to the appropriate resources to find out.  

Meet the Team 

(PT, BSc, MSc)

"I enjoy coaching local athletes to help improve their performance through MeFit, a local not-for-profit organization."

Michael Major

PT, BSc, MSc

"I am committed to using open communication and clear patient education to enable clients to accomplish their rehabilitation goals"

Tyler Allen

PT, BSc, MPT Physiotherapist

"I value working with all clients to create the best treatment plan for them."

Amanda MacFadden


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Start Feeling Better

We look forward to help you!

How We Relieve Your Pain

Let's start your journey to recovery! 

Our front desk team will be happy to assist you in determining the best entry point into Pilates and to help you get started.

CALL US 604-982-0366

307 – 850 Harbourside Dr. North Vancouver BC V7P 0A3

We look forward to hearing from you! We're here to help with any questions you may have. Give us a call today, and let's change your life. 

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Kid-Friendly Space

Coming to a new clinic can be scary for kids. But inside our doors is a warm, welcoming atmosphere designed to take their mind off the injury.

Treatment Starts With Trust

New place, new people, new activities—it can make even outgoing kids nervous. We build trust with one-on-one care and attention, helping them relax after the first session.

Fun, Activity-Based Sessions

Injuries steal their freedom to just be kids. We help them get it back. Our therapists use fun, productive sessions that keep them entertained and pain-free.

I’ve been going to my Pilates classes with Tara Crawford for approximately 5 years now and my back, hip and knee issues have tremendously improved , thanks to Tara’s knowledge about strength and balance training. She is extremely competent and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking group or one on one sessions. 

Lori Bagneres

I am so grateful that my friend referred me to Trimetrics. I started with physio - the amazing Shawna - then started Pilates with Kay. The holistic approach and treatment here has been the key to recovery and regaining strength and function.

Gail Pickard

I’ve been going to Trimetrics for four years now and it’s made a tremendous difference in my life. I used to have a lot of back problems and they have been non-existent since I began the Pilates classes. The instructors really know what they’re doing. Sue takes great care to ensure we have good form and that any physical issues we’re having are accommodated. 

Laurel Kennedy

Lauren Longeri

Physiotherapist Resident

Joey Timpano

Physiotherapist Resident

Meet the Team


Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Susie Higgins

Michael Tengco

Pilates Instructor

Alison Parkins

Brittany Patitucci

Gillian Morrow

Kay Leong

As physiotherapists, we use pilates clinically to help encourage healing, strengthening, pain reduction, mindfulness, and injury prevention, through healthy movement.

Trimetrics Clinical Pilates 

Clinical Pilates, as it is most commonly referred to in the medical health clinic setting, modifies the classical Pilates exercises to meet the needs of each client, while remaining deeply rooted in the traditional, well constructed philosophy of the original Pilates Method. 

At Trimetrics our Clinical Pilates teachers and physiotherapists work very closely together to help clients achieve the best possible outcome. Physiotherapists carry out a detailed assessment to establish a treatment plan and introduce clients to the basic fundamentals of the Pilates method before referring to a Pilates teacher (rehabilitation assistant) for an agreed number of goal oriented 1:1 Pilates sessions. The physiotherapist will monitor progress towards achieving set goals and provide additional treatment sessions as necessary. This combination can produce amazing results!


Sue Noble

Pilates Instructor

Tara Crawford

Pilates Instructor

S307 – 850 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver

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