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Trimetrics News Fall 2019
In how many workplaces do the staff sit at lunch and the sound of their chatter is fast, furious and full of passion? This was the scene at our table this past month which saw many of us travel to learn and bring back the best new information and techniques to deliver the most effective results to our patients. Susie presented at the International Dance Medicine Association in Montreal, Alison attended the Pilates Method Alliance conference in Monterey, locally Shawna had advanced training in Women’s Health, Helen taking her Reiki Master training and I was lucky to take a meditation certification in LA with Emily Fletcher, ( video link below ) different from the Chopra approach I trained in but very complementary. From this crucible of learning, growth and deep commitment to the service we provide, we say a heartfelt thank you to you, our clients, for your support and referrals this past year. We look ahead to an even more dynamic 2020!
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Siobhan O’Connell Registered Physiotherapist and Associates.
Director Trimetrics Physiotherapy Clinical Pilates and Complementary Health.

Women’s Health News!

This is a much-neglected area of medicine with much we can offer women who struggle with pelvic issues at every age and stage. We can now offer full service in this specialized area thanks to the training and knowledge of Shawna and Bahareh. Shawna has prepared this info piece to clarify what this service offers and to whom.

How can a pelvic floor physiotherapist help me? Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, jump or run? Do you have a strong urge to void that you can’t control? Do you go to the bathroom more often than 8 times a day or once at night? Do your feel pressure at the base of your pelvis? Do you have pain in your low back or pelvic region or painful intercourse? If so, pelvic floor physiotherapy could be helpful for you. Read more ...

Shroth Scoliosis Update

Did you know that we are offering a full scoliosis assessment and treatment package at Trimetrics? In 2018, Susie Higgins gained her Schroth Instructor certification at the Katharina Schroth Centre in Germany. Since then Susie has successfully been working with clients to educate them on their specific condition, set an individual customised exercise program to help manage symptoms and improve posture, strength and flexibility. The possibilities are endless once a person’s pattern is understood: from there we can integrate it with specific sports, TRX, Pilates, Yoga and gym exercises.

At Trimetrics we work as team to share expertise and ensure best possible client experience: Susie works closely with our Registered Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists managing any pre-existing pain or muscle issues so that you can get the most out of your exercise work. Read more...

Arts, meet Health – Health, meet Arts.

This was the motto for the 2019 IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science) conference in Montreal where I had the pleasure of both attending and presenting on the topic of Managing Scoliosis in Dance using Pilates and Schroth Method. “Dance for Health” interventions across the globe was the big focus of the convention. I learned how they are increasingly implemented in Europe and North America for a variety of populations including those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS, mental health concerns and developmental challenges. Read more...

New Staff!

With pleasure we are delighted to welcome :

Registered Physiotherapist Bahareh Ghanbari has special interest in management of concussion and currently studying with world renowned specialist /functional neurologist Dr Robert Carrick

Bahareh specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, muscular and orthopaedic injuries. She received her doctorate degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of British Columbia and her Baccalaureate and Master’s degrees in Physiotherapy. Bahareh’s clinical experience includes soft tissue release, joint mobilization/manipulation, manual therapy, postural re-education, injury prevention, and exercise rehabilitation for various conditions such as back and neck strains, knee and shoulder injuries, joint replacement and sports injuries. Read more ...

New Staff!

With pleasure we are delighted to welcome :

Clinical Pilates Instructors/Physiotherapy Assistants
Chelsea Williams

One of my passions is people, more specifically, the brain, behaviour, and movement, which led me to be accepted into the Human Kinetics program at Capilano University, University of The Fraser Valley (Psychology program) and finally, Douglas College (Physical Education and Coaching with a Kinesiology specialization). Another passion of mine is Freestyle Snowboarding and coaching. I coach with the North Shore Snowboard Team, a competitive Slopestyle and Boardercross team, that practices on the North Shore and in Whistler. Read more ...

New Staff!

With pleasure we are delighted to welcome :

Clinical Pilates Instructors/Physiotherapy Assistants
Fawn Gill

Fawn’s Pilates journey began back in 1996 when she took her first mat class and became instantly hooked. She has been studying and practicing Pilates ever since. She took her training through Stott Pilates and became fully certified in 2007. A lifelong learner, Fawn is continually attending various workshops and conferences to learn as much as possible about the human body and movement. Read more...

Welcome to Harbourside Dr Chista Shahrokh!

Warm welcome Harbourside to our colleague and friend Dr Chista Shahrokh DC! We are loving an even closer collaboration with her than we have enjoyed over the past 15 years.
Her new clinic, Harbourside Health, is located across the hall from us at #311.
Chista sees patients daily Monday to Friday. Her office # is 604 990 0008

Pilates Make Up Class Alert!

This is a complementary, good -will benefit we offer as a courtesy to our term clients, not typically offered by other clinics and studios. We have noted however that many are booking a makeup spot but either NOT cancelling or no showing, leaving those who are waitlisted unable to access a spot. We have also had some make up classes where nobody showed up, wasting that time for a teacher that could have been assigned elsewhere. We ask you as a courtesy to your teachers and fellow classmates, to please cancel with our usual 24 hours notice, if not attending a booked make up class or going forward we will need to consider withdrawing this benefit.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Your Health 

Inflammation is linked to many diseases and illnesses, and can be caused by many lifestyle factors. It is something we all have experienced at a point in our lives. Even though inflammation can be beneficial in certain circumstances, when it becomes long-term, it can contribute to health concerns, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and autoimmune diseases.

So what exactly is inflammation?
Inflammation is our body’s immune system responding to an injury, infection or invasion. Short-term, acute inflammation is actually beneficial to our body. Our immune system releases inflammatory signals that tell our body to start healing, repairing and protecting us. Acute inflammation would be bronchitis, for example, or cutting your knee and experiencing swelling, redness and pain. Read more ...

After completing a Degree in Health Sciences, Minor in Kinesiology and Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition at Simon Fraser University, Kate became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) Visit Kate website

Meditation news

Meditation news: I am often asked what is the difference between mindfulness and meditation is: Simply put, mindfulness is the appetizer for meditation! It’s a simple practice to take us to the here and now and away from the faraway past and the totally unpredictable unknowable future where we can waste a lot of precious time. Now you have read and soaked up all the news here, please take a moment to relax and enjoy this lovely simple mindfulness video from one of my teachers Emily Fletcher, Watch the video...

Learn to Meditate Workshop

Next Learn to Meditate Workshop : January 11 and 18.

Benefits of Meditation
Reduction of stress hormones
Reduction of blood pressure and heart rate
Reduction of stressful thoughts and anxiety
Enhanced resilience to physical and emotional stresses
Strengthened immunity Improved sleep quality
Enhanced sense of peace and calm
Heightened intuition with enhanced emotional health
Overall enhanced enjoyment of life

Fee Adjustments

Trimetrics Price Adjustments December 1 2019.

Dear clients. In response to the significant increases we are facing in costs of running our business (rent, parking taxes, cyber security etc.) we find it necessary to make adjustments to our pricing effective December 1,2019. We remain more committed than ever to providing our patients with high quality effective treatments, delivered with heart felt care and punctuality, in the North Shore’s most beautiful clinic!

Please note physiotherapy fees + treatments include extras another clinics charge for:
*Provision of needles and all supplies needed for IMS and acupuncture Kinesiotaping Real Time Ultrasound Core Assessment Emails letters reports and phone calls to your physicians, specialists, lawyers, RMT’s and other care providers. Any and all photos /videos of your exercise work Free parking.

New Fees:

60 mins - $165
45 mins - $125
30 mins - $90

30 mins - $65*
45 mins - $95*
60 mins - $120*
90 mins - $170*

*These prices do not include GST

Please note we remain within the fee range recommended by the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia which allows $80 per 20 minute treatments which is the business model for clinics who book 3-4 patients per hour.
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