Kinesiology North Vancouver

Kinesiologists are able to build on your abilities and respond to your limitations so you can get on with enjoying your life.

Our Kinesiology Program

Learn to monitor your own progress and increase your confidence by working with our Kinesiology teammates Gillian Morrow, Michael Tengco and Brittany Patitucci.

At Trimetrics Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Complementary Health our Kinesiology program is unique in that we are able to combine clinical Pilates with functional strength and conditioning exercises into your plan of care. This is especially important when your work or life demands certain levels of strength and flexibility to perform and avoid injury (or re-injury). Our kinesiologists work under the supervision of physiotherapists, and their care plans are generated co-operatively by you, a physiotherapist and a kinesiologist.

The most common way clients access the Kinesiology team at Trimetrics is through what we call the “team treat model”. In this model, your physiotherapist will work with you to establish a diagnosis and plan of care, provide manual therapy treatments or IMS needles, soft tissue work and some home-based activity.

kinesiology north vancouver
kinesiologist north vancouver

Next Steps

The next few follow up visits may see you in the gym with one of our Kinesiology team to ensure that your exercise form is spot on, you progress safely, and to test your ability to meet your goals or job requirements. Then you see your physiotherapist again, make any fine-tune adjustments to your plan of care, review exercise form and progressions and treat with the most appropriate techniques. On the subsequent visit, you may return to the Kinesiologist.

This rhythm of physiotherapy and kinesiology can continue through the entire healing continuum.

This is also the same team treat philosophy we share with our Pilates instructor team. In both Pilates and Kinesiology, all team treat appointments are considered a Physiotherapy visit for extended health benefits. 

People who have gone through this type of care have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. This model of care is also supported by insurance companies such as Worksafe BC, ICBC and most extended health providers because the results of active rehabilitation usually provide the best results for injury recovery and prevention. Your therapist will discuss various options that best suit your needs, and this may be one of them.