Neurological Physiotherapy North Vancouver


A full Neurological Physiotherapy assessment will be completed on your first visit.

This starts with a detailed discussion about you, your condition, your medical history, your lifestyle, stress load and your progress or barriers to progress to date. We will also discuss what you are finding difficult day to day, and what you would like to do better.

Our Physiotherapists will do a full Physical assessment looking at Range of motion, Muscle strength, Proprioception, Sensation, co-ordination, Balance, Sit to stand and walking pattern. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Of course your family member or carer is welcome to attend if you would like.

With your consent, a short video will be taken of your ability to “sit to stand” and your walking pattern. This will be repeated after your first treatment session and will be reviewed and analyzed regularly. This is a simple and reliable measure of your progress for us both to see.  Other Valid and reliable outcome measures will be used to measure improvements.

After your assessment, we will together create your goals and your treatment plan.  

Treatment plan will be specific to you and take into consideration your financial resources, your time, schedule and energy.

neurological physiotherapy north vancouver
neuro physio north vancouver
How Will You Reach Your Goals?

Neurological Physiotherapy treatment at Trimetrics is specialized work for those with neurological impairments. It will be different for each and every one of our clients since no two individuals present in exactly the same way.

With over 15 years of experience, we have a wide selection of treatment techniques which we will apply based on your assessment findings.

Exciting research proves that the brain is not a rigid “hardwired “organ but capable of immense healing potential by creating new pathways that have been damaged by trauma or disease.

Trimetrics neurophysiotherapists are trained in a wide range of techniques to facilitate healing potential.

Our treatment approach may include direct hands-on techniques to facilitate input to the brain and nervous system, facilitation of movement/task, functional activities and repetition, strengthening exercises, stretching, gait re-education, balance training, Intramuscular Stimulation and Clinical Pilates.  Pilates and use of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Trap Table, Chair and Core Align).

Pilates combined with Neurological physiotherapy techniques has been proven to be a very effective method for restoring movement, balance, proprioception, and strength for clients with neurological impairments.

In order to be successful, at Trimetrics we feel very strongly that the work we do during your session must be incorporated into your daily life.  Your body needs the opportunity to improve.  Opportunity through routine, activities of daily living, leisure and a home exercise program designed specific to you.  We want to help you help your recovery.  We always aim for quality movement, and we firmly believe in a holistic approach to care.

Empowerment = Success

We love to help people with all types of Neurological conditions and injuries to achieve their goals.
If you are curious to know if our Neurological Physiotherapy program is right for you; our front desk can arrange a phone call directly to Charlene so she may better understand your needs and goals.

Your Physiotherapists

Charlene Dornan is the Neurological Physiotherapy Program Team Lead at Trimetrics. 

Charlene is joined by physiotherapist Ashley Jeon who is also passionate about delivering client centered goals and treatments to clients with neurological conditions that are unique and tailored to each individual.