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Osteopathy and Posturology


Posturology is the dynamic, movement-related neuroscience of posture and alignment.

It was developed in Europe over the past 90 years and more recently by renowned French orthopedic surgeon, Doctor Bernard Bricot.

We now understand that good posture and alignment is not just an aesthetic ideal but fundamental to the most efficient functioning of our spine, joints, discs, ligaments, muscle performance, our vision, balance, coordination and brain function.

Posturology, also called Global Postural Recalibration, delivers a hands on treatment approach that is science based, in terms of outcome and measurability; a non-invasive method to correct alignment towards a new, more efficient “default mode network”.

Functional alignment creates highly efficient brain-body relationships and reduces pain, in addition to slowing down, future degenerative changes in tissues. Posturology addresses the CAUSES (neurology), not the symptoms (in body tissues) of your problem and restores optimum functional movement. It provides immediate (in session), as well as long-term sustainable results.

Posturology has specific applications to the competitive athlete, where any mal-alignment issues may translate to diminished muscular performance, greatly increasing likelihood of expensive, time consuming injuries.

Studies show that less than 10 % of the population corresponds to the criteria for normal orthostatic posture. These subjects almost never suffer from body pain.

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Conditions Treated

• Neck and Back Pain
• Disc Degeneration
• Pelvic Misalignments
• Headaches
• Osteoarthritis
• Scoliosis
• TMJ Dysfunction
• Fibromyalgia
• Parkinson’s Disease
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What to expect in a Posturology Assessment

A trained Posturologist will take a detailed medical history especially referencing continuing patterns of past injuries.

Your spine, pelvis, feet, eyes, occlusion (teeth) and TMJ (jaw joint) will be measured for tilts, torsions, mal-occlusions and other imbalances.

Neurological tests will be done to assess your balance and proprioception (awareness of body in space).

You will receive a full and detailed account of all these findings before you leave.

Postural insoles (NOT arch-support orthotics) specific to your case will be placed under your feet and (occasionally) a small, powerful magnet (1400 Gauss) is applied to the side of your weaker eye correcting a muscle imbalance, preventing your eyes converging (fixing) correctly. A short set of eye exercises during the session, will be taught after which your postural assessment is repeated immediately in order to see the changes in pelvic alignment, shoulder tilts and neck range of motion.

The assessment and treatment takes 90 minutes.


Your treatment commitment will be to wear your insoles 6 days out of 7, wear your corrective magnet (if needed) and perform specific eye recalibration exercises nightly for a period of 8-10 months.

While you will see results immediately, your nervous system will need this amount of time to fully and permanently be reprogrammed according to the new inputs.

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