Brittany Patitucci


Pilates Instructor

Brittany is a Practising Kinesiologist, Pilates Instructor, Strength Coach, and Student of Osteopathy (year 2). She has completed her Level 2 Functional Movement Screen and Level 1 Soft Tissue Release certifications.

A former high-performance athlete and dancer, she has a strong appreciation for how strength training enables her to reach higher grounds. After being hit by a car in 2019, she discovered Pilates as part of her rehabilitation journey, and experienced firsthand the profound success of combining Pilates, strength training, and Osteopathy.

She feels passionately about using movement to both enhance and restore one’s quality of life. Brittany gets most excited to help people redefine their relationship with movement by developing a more balanced body. The result of this is seeing them experience greater ease in everyday movements, less pain, and concurrently; greater joy in life.

In Brittany’s free time she can usually be found in the backcountry pursuing human-powered adventures such as multi-day hiking, trail running with her friends and their dogs, bike touring, and backcountry skiing. When not in the backcountry, she is usually diving around on a beach volleyball court, whipping her hair about in a dance class, or nestled in her hammock with a good book.

Brittany looks forward to helping you cultivate a more balanced body and seeing you experience greater joy with your fullest movement potential.

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