Katherine (Kay) Leong

Physiotherapist Assistant / Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

Kay was certified by master teacher, Dianne Miller after completing a rigorous 2 1/2 year internship teacher training programme. With a classical orientation she is influenced by 1st generation teachers Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry and has continued her knowledge in workshops with Jose Marie Blom-Lawrence and Michelle Larsen.

She recently completed the BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies certificate course.Trained as a dancer from a young age, Kay understands movement and has an developed eye for alignment and detail and she hopes to inspire clients to feel the joy of movement in her classes and everyday life.

As a former professional dancer, Kay experienced the benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation after a serious injury.

Her goals are to provide supportive, beneficial classes for strengthening to assist recovery and prevention. Kay has taught a wide spectrum of clients from young dancers at Goh Ballet, elite athletes to older seniors at Shaunessy Golf Club.She believes teaching is a continual process and her role is to understand each client’s needs and assist them in achieving their personal goals. In past, Kay was owner of South China SeasTrading Co. in Granville Island Market and was on the Board of Directors for VanCity Credit Union. She is passionate about Pilates and now devotes her time to teaching and practicing the method for 15 years.

She loves to cook and writes about food occasionally for local publications. She has a collection of over 600 cookbooks.

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